Things To Know About Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are games that are played using a card and chips. It is an ancient game for more than 1000 years old. The game has been growing through many cultures and continents. It is believed that it is very similar to the card game played by the Chinese emperor in the 10th century.

In the 16th century, there was a card game named “ As nas” is also considered the basic root of poker. A famous game of card ‘poque’ is also known as the predecessor of poker. During the civil war, soldiers adopted this game as an amusement substitute.

After many decades poker got more general acceptance throughout Europe. Also, it was a featured game in the world series of poker in the 1970s. Thus we can say that poker originated from the US.

Types Of Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments

The basic form of poker is Texas Hold ‘Em. It is very easy to play. We can say that it has been the most popular form of poker over the past decades. There are more versions of poker.

  1. Community card: In community card poker players can use community cards to make their best hand. They already have their cards facing downwards.
  2. Stud: in this type of poker, players play with some certain numbers of cards (5 or 7). They can play only using those cards.
  3. Draw: In draw games, players dealt with their cards in order to make their best hand.
  4. Texas Hold’Em: It is the most popular type of poker these days and it is also played in the world series of poker. In this type of poker players trade-in with only two ‘hole cards’ as well as five community cards. Players bet in four rounds. They reveal their card one by one along with community cards. They can use any three community cards with two hole cards (total 5 cards) in order to make their best hand. Steps of revealing the cards are called “The flop”, “The turn” as well as “The River.”
  5. Omaha: Mostly 2 to 10 players can play at a time. Its betting and playing pattern is very similar to Hold ’Em hence it is known as another type of Hold ‘ Em. Players dealt with 4 hole cards and 5 community cards. These cards are revealed immediately as well as players make their best five cards with 2 of hole cards and 3 of the community cards.
  6. 7-card stud.
  7. Follow the queen.
  8. High low Chicago.
  9. Card Draw.

What Are Poker Tournaments?

Poker tournaments

As the popularity grew poker got more adoption and acceptance hence poker tournaments were organized. In poker tournaments, players compete with cards. Players are eliminated from the table after losing their game. Also, to participate in a poker tournament a player needs to pay a fixed buy in to own a certain quantity of chips. These chips have no cash value. They have only notional value. Players cannot make use of cash. Hence, a player can buy back or reback the chips in some tournaments.


Poker tournaments

Poker tournaments are widely organized by different countries in the world. A different set of rules are followed for every type of poker tournaments. Poker tournaments have become so popular these days that they are also organized online and people in large numbers take part in it.

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